Domain registration in Uganda

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Let’s say you have designed your website either in html, Php, java, WordPress, Drupal name it. So it’s time to host it and you head to research where to start. During your research you realize you need to buy domain so what is a domain name? where do you buy it and what’s the procedure for  domain registration in Uganda? if you  don’t have an answer to any of these questions, don’t worry let’s grab your hand and take you through the process.

What is a domain name?

Domain names are used for naming and addressing purposes. In simple terms a domain name is a website ‘s address on internet. 

All domain names represent an internal protocol called ip address. Its what  identifies a host eg a computer on a network of computers.

How much is a domain name in Uganda?

Domain name prices in Uganda range from one registrar to the other but the difference is always small. Our cheapest domain price is .website  at 15000 ugx, .club at 20,000 ugx and so on. Below are the prices here at webhosting256. 

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For more information about domain prices follow the link below

webhosting256.com/domain registration prices

Domain registration process.

1. Formulate a domain Name. The first step is to formulate your domain name usually bearing your business name and the extension that your brand represents. For example, .org tend to be for nonprofit organizations while .com domain extension tend to be for regular businesses.

Examples of popular domain extensions in Uganda.

.com domain. This is the most used domain extension in Uganda. It is popularity makes it ideal for most businesses in Uganda.

An example for your business can be yourbusinessname.com

.org domain. This top level domain extension is common with nonprofit organizations.

An example for your business can be yourbusinessname.org

.net. This domain extension is also widely used by businesses in Uganda you wouldn’t be wrong to argue that it is the third most used domain in extension.

.UG domain. This is a Ugandan top level domain extension. It includes all domains with .ug at the end. For example .co.ug, .com.ug, .ug

An example for your business can be yourbusinessname.ug or .co.ug or .go.ug

2. Find a domain registrar

Now that you have formulated your domain, you need to know if it’s available to be bought or if its already registered by another business. Most of Ugandan hosting companies can help you register a domain name.  

To register a domain name head to domain-registration and search for your perfect domain. In case the domain is not available keep tricking the name until you get what you want.

3. Make payment 

To fully a quire the domain make payment. There are different payment procedures for different domain registrars. At webhosting256.com you can pay using visa or mobile money. Payment process is pretty straight forward but in case you get challenges use a chat app or call the numbers below in the website footer.