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Software & Mobile App Development in Uganda

Software Development

We have helped businesses of all sizes turn their dreams into reality. Our software development lifecycle has the following procedure.

1. Needs Identification

In this phase we evaluate what problems you want to solve and come up with solutions and paper prototypes to show data points. This forms the foundation for solving a specific problem and all stake holders are involved in this process.

2. Requirement Analysis

Requirement analysis is the second phase in the software development life cycle. Here, stakeholders agree on the user requirements of the proposed solution.

3. Desgin

Design is the third stage of the software development process. Here, architects and developers illustrate specifications visually using different methods eg paper prototypes or software to draw mockups.

4. Development and Implementation

The 4th stage is the development and implementation of the design. Different technologies are applied to implement the solution.

5. Testing

The testing phase checks the software for bugs and verifies its performance before delivery to users. In this stage, expert beta testers verify the product's functions to make sure it performs according to the requirements.

6. Deployment and maintenance

Once solution is defect-free, the solution is enrolled to users. Once the owner of the solution is satisfied with it, then a maintance contract is draffted for contineous maintanence or inhouse technical workers can take up the task.

Technologies we use

Python Programming / Jango

Php / Raravel




React Js/React Native