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Website Security SSL Certificate In Uganda

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Website Security SSL Certificate In Uganda

Why you should have an SSL Certificate

Websites need SSL certificates for security of website visitors. SSL acts as an end to end encryption between a webserver and a browser. Data that is communicated between the browser and the server is encrypted to promote users privacy during communication. At Webhosting256 we are committed to ensure our clients have protection from all sorts of attacks that can be as a result of unsecure websites that’s why we provide less costly yet effective SSL Certificates.

SSL Certificate Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why do i need SSL Certificate?.

To protect your self and website visitors from hackers, SSL Certificate does a great job of encrypting data during communication. All major browsers recommend ssl to the extent that they show site insecure if SSL is not installed. At webhosting256 we help our customers achieve maximum data security by offering the best SSL prices on the market.

How do i install SSL Certificate?.

You install SSL in Cpanel. Contact us to help you with the guide after purchase

Does a website work without an SSL certificate?

Yes, a website should be able to work even without SSL. However its important and recommendable to have an SSL Certificate by all major browsers. We predict that at one point some browsers will reject sites that don’t have SSL in order to promote safe browsing.